The Instant T

“The Instant T”
Designed and Built by Ted McMullen in 1962-1963
At His Street Rod Fabrication Shop, U. S. Speed Sport Mfg.
Original 1962 -1963 as built configuration:
Body:  U.S. Speed Sport                                            Chassis:  U.S. Speed Sport
Front End:  U.S. Speed Sport                                   Upholstery:  Ed Martinez
Paint:  Cerney & Sons (Candy Tangerine)          Rear End:  1948 Ford
Front Suspension:  1929 Ford Model A              Brakes:  1948 Ford
Rear Suspension:  1923 Ford Model T                 Transmission:  1939 Ford
Front & Rear Lamps:  1915 Ford Model T          Steering Box:  1937 Willys
Steering Column:  1923 Ford Model T                 Windshield:  1915 Ford Model T
Engine:  283 cu. In. Chevy                                        Intake: Offenhauser 3-2bl
Drive Shaft:  Henry’s Machine Shop                      Front Wheels:  Chromed Steel
Rear Wheels:  Hallibrand Magnesium                  Radiator:  Gilbert Sheet Metal
Headers:  Speed Improvements                             Gas Tank: U.S. Speed Sport
(Finish: Chrome)                                                           Chrome Plating: Lustre Chrome
Additional Parts:  Antique Auto, Rosemead, Ca.
Additional Fabrication: Dick Fletcher, U.S. Speed Sport Employee Original Fiberglass Body Concept, Design, and Mold Construction, based on a 1923 Model T Ford Roadster Pickup by Wayne Hartman.

Changes 1964 – 1966:
Paint: Cerney & Sons (Candy Blue)                    Front Wheels: True Spoke
Headers: High Heat White Paint finish                 Rear Wheels: True Spoke
Rear Tires: M&H Racemaster Drag Slicks           Intake: Dual AFB 4 bl Carburetors

Restoration 1995:
Chrome Plating: Plating International
Paint: Santos Torres
Complete Restoration: Jim Travis, Automotive Historian & Restoration Expert

Original Owners: Ted & Lois McMullen, La Mirada, Ca.

In 1964, Ted became a member of the L.A. Roadsters with this first of its kind street rod.

On Loan to the Petersen Automotive Museum until January 2011.

Courtesy of: Mike McMullen, Steve McMullen & Lorna Cortes In Loving Memory of Theodore P. (Ted) McMullen 1929 – 1997