The 36

1936 Ford Phaeton

In 1972, Ted spotted a 1936 Ford Phaeton for sale at a rod run in Buellton, California. Ted knew that this car was special. It had a hump trunk from a ’36 Ford four door sedan grafted to the back end, and the workmanship was flawless. He fell in love and purchased the car. This would be his baby for a long time. Ted had tried to find out the history of the car and all he learned was that it came from the San Francisco Bay area.

At an L.A. Roadster show at the Great Western Showgrounds in 1974, his friend Rob Clark was wiping down the car when a man approached, eyeballing the car quite carefully. He told Rob that he thought it was a car he had built in the mid 1960’s for a guy up in the bay area. He introduced himself to Rob. The man was Gene Winfield, car builder and customizer extraordinaire. In 1992, the phaeton was given a frame-off rebuild by good friends and fellow street rod nuts, Bob Clark and his son Rob. With this rebuild, the trunk area was finally exposed and the beautiful craftsmanship by Gene was fully visible.

In 2004, Steve stopped by Gene’s booth at the Father’s day L.A Roadster Show at Pomona, and Gene took some photos of the ’36 for his collection – something he had failed to do when he built the car originally.