About Ted

Ted’s early fascination with cars started with his mother’s 1937 Chevy coupe. While his dad and his two older brothers were overseas during World War II, a teenage Ted learned to drive in that Chevy coupe.

Ted McMullenOne day, out cruising in the ’37 coupe, he was feeling a little cocky, and with wheels under him, the urge to race came upon a young Ted. His buddies goaded him on, so when the stoplight turned green, Ted popped the clutch, transferring the power from the flathead six to the rear tires, barking off a patch of rubber. He wound it out in first and hung a big shift into second, with lightning fast clutching like the future drag racer he would become. Just after that impressive shifting demo, the little coupe died and Ted coasted to the curb. He was sure that he had just destroyed his mother’s car.

All the teenagers piled out and lifted the hood and looked underneath for telltale escaping liquids. Nothing appeared to be amiss so Ted attempted to start it – and it fired right up. Then the brain clouds parted and he was enlightened. In his wild shifting maneuver, he had inadvertently hit the ignition key with his hand, shutting off the switch. He might have been saved from concocting a story to tell his mom back then, but he would tell that story years later and laugh at his own inept attempt at racing bravado. Like normal teenagers, Ted and his pals tinkered with cars and talked of their dream cars – Ted’s dream was a lowered ruby maroon ‘36 Ford Roadster with ’38 DeSoto bumpers and a white Carson Top.

1929 Model A

The 1929 Model A Ted was driving when he opened the shop.